Oak Class Detective Agency

Got a crime to solve? Need a crack team? Hire Oak Detective Agency.

A team of discreet professionals who are masters of disguise will solve your crime in an instant, and you won’t even notice they’re around!

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Recently Ellel St John’s was subjected to a series of criminal events ….. Mrs. Padfield’s chocolates disappeared, Mr Dingley’s chicken sandwiches went walkabout, Beanie’s fish fingers fled. Luckily, Oak Class were soon on the scene(s) with their high-tech equipment to record witness statements and collect evidence. A ginger whisker here, a sticky paw print there – the culprit was soon identified as Macavity!

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  1. Asha said,

    January 13, 2015 @ 6:26 pm     Reply

    Hire us at 08003737 thats 08003737! ha ha ha.

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